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Life is the dance

'You cannot dance,' I remember well how my first boyfriend said this to me. We were in Amsterdam in Paradiso at a concert. 'You have no sense of rhythm,' he said. For a moment he imitated my movements woodenly. It felt very painful.

It is now almost 10 years later and it is unimaginable how long you can carry a single phrase with you. Still when I am somewhere on the dance floor or when rhythmic steps are made during exercise. Still then sometimes I see his face before me. Still sometimes I hear that one sentence.

It is a story. It is bullshit. Although it is also good to recognize how persistent bullshit can be. By acknowledging you start to see. That none of it is true.

Dancing is not about being capable to do something or not. Dancing is being the space for what wants to flow flow. Dancing is life itself. Life is the dance.


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