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The wonder of nature

As a child, I was in frequently in conversation with nature.

I was talking with the sea.

With the plants, animals and the dunes.

I often felt alone and misunderstood in it.

Then I wanted to explain.

Only it is beyond words.

How nature speaks.

The veins of a leaf sharing its own story in every split.

That one blade of grass among all those other blades of grass subtly moving from side to side by the wind.

The sea that carries you in its warm loving bed and gently whispers its wisdom with every wave.

As a child I often felt a limitation.

An intensity of experience that could not quite be there.

From a continuous sense of wonder.

Now I am allowed again.

To be a child.

To experience everything so intensely.

Without shame.

Without any hesitation.

This is who I am.

This is how intensely I love the wonder of nature.

My true nature.

Is listening to nature.

Being nature itself in every cell.


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