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The nameless girl

My grandfather made a family tree, among all the names I stumble upon the nameless girl.

She is the third child.

My grandfather and his sister are already there.

She comes into the world lifeless.

Many stillborn children used to be buried nameless, it was quite normal in those days. My mother never shared about the loss,' Grandpa says. 'It was simply the way it was.'

Somehow I can't get over how the loss was covered up.

How the girl was never given a name.

How Grandpa's mother could never speak a word about her.

How the girl was silenced, as if she was never there.

What a contrast to the times we live in now.

In which there is room to talk about loss.

In which children are given names.

Even if they come into the world dead.

The nameless girl.

Her only wish.

Is to be seen.

For her to be.


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