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Book 'Flourish'

Previously, I would have described my relationship with my vagina, my womb and my pelvic area as ‘average’. As in, ‘just fine’. And to me, ‘just fine’ is not what I dream of.  From this recognition, a great journey of transformation began in which I take the reader in my book 'Flourish'.
This book is about my journey towards truly inhabiting every single cell of myself. It is based on self-examination, and I have identified themes in what I have encountered on my journey of development that – in my experience – makes each one of us alone a ‘fulfilled woman’. During my work as a filmmaker, as well as on my own journey, I have had intimate conversations with eight of the women around me, who I talked with about these themes and phases. Just like me, and each in their own way, these brave women met themselves on their journeys from true recognition to ‘fulfilled woman’.



In Flourish, Annet Beskers takes you on her personal journey of self-exploration. From the deepest depths of her soul, she shows you what intimacy and sexuality are really about: life itself.


Annet’s spiritual journey opened her heart and spiritual centre. While she had, very delicately, managed to connect with her body above her diaphragm, subconsciously she had not yet grounded the energy in her pelvic area. Annet now knows what it takes to do this, and she wants to help all women reconnect with their sexual life energy. Her wish is to break the taboo, so that the power emanating from sexual energy is no longer ‘a secret’ and we can all openly connect to our inner life streams.


It is time, all you beautiful women, to listen to your most cherished needs and desires, to rise up and speak your truth. Do you dare to be shamelessly honest in every area of your life, so you can be your complete self and Flourish?


Ordering my book 'Flourish'

You can purchase my book “Flourish” from me for 22 euros. There is also a Lemniscate bookmark that you can order. The lemniscates I made in a field of love and truth together with my dear friend Jan (see his website: Je Puurheid). A lemniscate bookmark costs 11 euro. Please send me an email using the link below and I will make sure you will receive the book and possibly the bookmark at home.

My ebook “Flourish” is now available for order online:

I also recorded an audiobook “Onverbloemd” (only Dutch version) in the studio:




'I very much enjoyed reading your book. It is really very bold of you and the women who contributed. It is extraordinary how candid you are and I also definitely believe this will knock over dominoes. What I really like about the book it is the subtlety of it: That you don't have to have any major trauma at all and you can still imperceptibly feel a little unsafe and defensive. Then it turns out that you still have some reserve built in. Very good that those subtle forms are also named for once. After all, it always starts with small tensions. Which, if you don't give them attention, lead to bigger tensions and if you don't pay attention then they really become a problem. Very good that you teach us to become sensitive to these signals. And I think you bring it very smoothly. You really take people along without pointing fingers or classifying things as good/bad.
It's very pure I think.'



'I get lost in your beautiful words and I dance with your feelings. I would love to hug you in this sea of purity. Thank YOU darling for stepping into your life, into your light. You have touched me where few people reach. Reading your book feels like a past life reconnected through a gold fragile thread in complete trust. Uniting with you in the feeling of coming home. You truly are a piece of coming home to the universe, while together we still wander somewhere here on earth. And sometimes we meet and the connection in our light is stronger than words. Until next time sweet beautiful person.'



'What a crystal clear book on a topic that is socially rather unexplored. I understand more about being a 'fullfilled woman' thanks to you. And at the same time I feel that many of the essential things you describe - also with the 8 women, in very beautiful interaction - apply equally well to me as a man, on my quest to be 'fullfilled man.' Thank you for allowing this to emerge, for opening up to this.'



'Annet, it touches me, it is touching and resonating in every fiber of my body. The first tears for me are truly a great victory and are gently trickling down. Recognition was and is there after the very first page of your book. I am intensely grateful to read this. Sharing from all the blocks that have arisen, then giving space to the insights that have been broken open, which ultimately reveals your vulnerability. It is wonderful to read and even more wonderful that your journey is a navigator for many who will walk this journey on their path from and with their own compass. So beautiful also to read how the other women share their feelings unflinchingly.'



'The book “Flourish” is full of statements that could effortlessly be included in an annual tear-off calendar. In addition, the tone Annet adopts in her book is far from a guerrilla with camouflaged dungarees and a pointing index finger to proclaim her truth. Rather, she is a gentle woman in a luminous robe pointing the finger at herself as her finger touches a thumb, creating a mudra that leads to self-reflection. It is precisely the omission of academically expensive words and the role of the expert that allows her to go on a journey with you. She asks questions and also dares to admit that some question marks always remain open. The essence of the book for me is taking full responsibility for my sexuality, my Being and living that with a capital L in the light of unconditional love. Realizing that sexuality runs like a thread through life and is more than just a brief intimate moment.



'Hi dear Annet, I am currently over halfway through your audiobook and I want to thank you through this way. Yesterday morning I was on my way to my new training and I felt nerves and panic all the way to my toes. I listened to your book all the way from Sittard to Tilburg. The moment I put the car down I felt peace. All the stories about pleasing, dissociating, but also about being allowed to live in deep safety within yourself, changed my outlook within 1.5 hours. I dared to walk in with all my vulnerability, holding myself by the hand. Knowing that I am safe within myself. Thank you so much for these revelations. I enter the last hour of your story with great enthusiasm. You are a true inspiration.'


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